We provide various solutions to help you meet your Electric Vehicle Charging needs. Here’s how it works:

Step 1Free initial consultation. We discuss the choices that are available in EV Charging. What kind of charging is best for your situation? What general parameters and conditions are present at your site(s)? What is your mobile sustainability strategy and how does EV Charging enhance that strategy? We suggest this meeting will be via Skype to enhance sustainability practices.

Step 2: Initial site analysis. For a nominal fee, we’ll visit your site(s) and work with you to determine which solutions may be appropriate to present for your specific location(s).

Step 3: Provide a quote for our services. We’ll use the information from above to create a pricing quote for our strategic consultation services.

Step 4Agree to a contract. Yep, we’ll have to make an official deal (hopefully).

Step 5: Implement the strategy.  This is the fun part. We will work with you to create a comprehensive strategy for EV Charging and help you implement that strategy.

Step 6: Support you as you install the charge site. We’ll help you: A) Purchase the hardware; B) Find and select the contractors (unless your staff can handle it); C) Manage the installation; and D) Trumpet the good news of your Mobile Sustainability through EV Charging to your employees, customers, and the rest of the world.

Typical Site Solutions Include:Plug in at PNC 1st Ave

  • Strategy creation for your EV charging solution. What type of chargers? Where? How many? Fees for the charging service?
  • Analysis of Charging Options including approximate pricing estimates for multiple solutions
  • Seeking tax benefits and other funding solutions. Can we reduce costs by finding grants and/or sponsorship funding?
  • Pricing hardware options to be purchased by you.
  • Creation of a “Request for Quotation” for you to send to your approved contractors for installation.
  • Analylyis of contractor proposals and recommendation for selected contractor/installer
  • Management of the installation as performed by your installer.
  • Create visibility through packaging for your newly installed EV Charging Spots. We’ll help with news articles, tweets, videos, and social media posts. We’ll add your site to “Plugshare” and other web sites (if you wish). We’ll help you make the sites noticeable to raise the visibility of your sustainable solution.