Park to Spark® focuses on low-cost EV charging spots. Yes, we like all charging. But, “Level 1” charging which uses existing 120 volt A/C power meets the needs of a vast majority of commuters (and others) that park their car for 8 hours or more away from home. A simple wall outlet that powers pretty much everything in our world can provide at least 32 miles of driving range for most EV’s in an 8 hour charge period..120 Volt Plug

Our focus is on inexpensive Electric Vehicle charging strategies and solutions.

Workplace or long-dwell-parking charges can be combined with 120 Volt at-home EV charging to provide up to 64 EV miles per round trip.

Bottom Line: IN MOST CASES Level 1 charging provides the optimum balance of cost, practicality, and true sustainability. Firms will love the low cost and real improvement to the world through EV charging. Users will love the EV charging and (begin to) use it.

Park to Spark® will work with you to develop the appropriate strategy to help you maximize your sustainability/cost equation.