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Q: What do you do for us?

A: Park to Spark® provides Sustainable Mobility Strategic Consulting. Okay, that’s a mouthful. In short, we will help you put sustainability in your parking lot by helping you install an EV parking package. We’ll help you pick your best solution. Then, we’ll help you install it. And, we’ll complete the package by helping you tell the world about your new parking lot sustainability. Our flexible solutions include consulting-only through managing the installation. Please see our Solutions page for more details.

Q: Really? Why should I consider installing an EV Charging Spot at my workplace or business?

A: EV adoption is a great way to improve sustainability. Even EV’s fueled by fossil-fuel-electricity are a significant environmental improvement when compared to petroleum-fueled vehicles. CLICK HERE for more.

A2: And, providing EV charging at your workplace parking lot is like having a gas pump at work. Drivers can “fill up” while they are at work with inexpensive electricity. A typical 8 hour work day charge would provide 30 miles of driving range for the trip home. Most commuters will drive home on 100% electric fuel since 80% of workers drive 20 miles or less to work.

Q: Really? But, no one drives EV’s? Why bother?

A: U.S. government data shows that 80% of Americans have a round trip work commute of 40 miles or less each day. Fully electric EV’s easily make this round trip after charging overnight at home. Hybrid EV’s and Extended Range EV’s operate on electricity for the commute and have a gas engine for longer trips. EV drivers can fuel up with electricity at home and then fuel up at the workplace and never need to buy gasoline.

Q: What makes Park to Spark special?

A: We drive EVs. We understand what EV users want. We’ll use that knowledge to help you choose the optimum solution for your site.

Q: What else makes Park to Spark‘s model special?

A: We seek the best solution for each site. This is not always the most high tech solution. Nor, is it always the fastest charging solution. We believe that lower cost Level 1 charging is ideal for many long-visit EV parking sites. And, we believe cheaper Level 1 charging will lead to more EV charge spots. Which will lead to more more EVs… Which will lead to more charge spots… Which will lead to more EVs… Simply put: Low cost Level 1 charging should  be as ubiquitous as electricity itself.

Q: Can I use my own staff or contractor to install the Charge Spot?

A: Yes. In fact, that is our plan. We will help you do the install and act as a “Project Manager” for the install if you wish. In some cases we will support your in-house staff. In other cases, we will seek contractors and even lead the bid process. This management-only approach will help reduce your total installation cost since you will pay the installers directly. And, you will buy materials and equipment directly from vendors. We will help you implement your EV Charging Strategy.