US auto sales have been driven by anything-not-a-sedan for years. Low gas prices and high profit margins have lead vehicle manufacturers to create desire for non-sedan vehicles. We car buyers have taken the bait-hook line and sinker. Car and Driver reports (LINK HERE) that the top 25 cars sold in the USA in 2018 were dominated by non-sedans.

Can ICE automakers take their success from convincing us that we all NEED an SUV/Pickup Truck/CUV/All Wheel Drive into even more profitable Electric SUVs?

Maybe. After all, getting more than 30 miles per gallon could be a fresh piece of bait for the gullible fish that have been happily swallowing the non-sedan hook for years.

Audi is throwing the first hook in the water. And, we LOVE the Ad.

Please Contact Us when you need help figuring out how to build an EV charging strategy at your workplace. Perhaps EV charging will be the right bait on your hook to make employees and customers happy.