Park to Spark is agnostic when it comes to hardware products and suppliers. We love them all and have no allegiance to any brand or network. That’s how we can provide our clients the best analysis and recommendations.

So, we can’t really comment on the hardware or network from Volta Charging… At least not yet.

We do love Volta Charging’s concept of funding EV charging stations.

We admit that, at least early on, we can’t figure out how the EV hardware firms and site owners are making money. Very simple math for most charge sites appears to result in a 10 year payback for public charging. Each site’s system and setup vary so much that it’s hard to hit that number exactly. But, it takes a while to break even just on user fees and network fees.

Volta Charging has a different spin: Sell outdoor advertising on charge sites. We don’t know all of the details of their plan. We do know we like the concept of funding the cost of the charge site with advertising dollars. Humans love screens (you are reading this on one now). Connecting advertisers to EV charging sites will create new income sources to fund public EV charging.

At Park to Spark, we believe “sponsorship” of your Workplace EV Charging Solutions is part of an overall workplace charging strategy for your business. Please connect with us so we can discuss your strategy.