Drive Change. Drive Electric.

A new collaborative campaign was recently launched which is designed to build awareness of EVs. The public/private partnership includes several northeastern USA states and multiple automobile manufactures. We applaud the effort of this group and look forward to hearing more from them.

Switch to electric without switching up your everyday life. As with any lifestyle change, your routines will adapt—but we’d venture to say it will be for the better. See how the performance, ease and comfort of electric cars can help you drive change.

Be sure to check out their web site at driveelectricus.com and enjoy this great source of information.

Then, reach out to Park to Spark® and we’ll help you with the details of a workplace charging strategy that optimizes EV use for your employees and guests.


Washington & Jefferson Visit

We enjoyed a recent opportunity to show students at Washington & Jefferson College the various EV Infrastructure options near the Park to Spark® HQ. Special thanks to W&J and our friends at Washington Chevrolet for the chance to learn about the Bolt EV and to take a ride.

The day included visits to all types of EV charging available within a 10 minute drive radius of the campus. We finished with a presentation and discussion titled “Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Be Driving an EV… Soon”. See more pictures here.

Education and advocacy are part of our services. Please contact us if you would like us to do a similar event for your firm or school.



EV Emissions Lower Than Gas Cars All Over the USA

An article published by the Union of Concerned Scientists (CLICK HERE) states EVs are significantly better for the environment than most gasoline cars in all areas of the USA.

...On average, an EV driving on electricity in the U.S. today is equivalent to a conventional gasoline car that gets 80 MPG.

This varies by the electricity fuel mix in each location. But, an EV is equivalent to a car getting 38 Miles Per Gallon in the “worst” region of the continental US. The average passenger vehicle in the USA gets 24.7 Miles Per Gallon (2016).

Map of EV emissions in the US

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists

Does your company care about the impact of vehicle emissions? Adding EV Charging to your Workplace will lead to more EV adoption which reduces emissions.

Please contact our team at Park to Spark® to help you implement a workplace charging strategy.