Chevy Volt Test Drive

A journalist spent some time with the second generation Chevy Volt recently. His review is, well, lukewarm. The founders of Park to Spark™ drive a 2012 Chevy Volt. In fact, the founders’ EV advocacy started with (and continues) with that Volt. The Volt is a nearly perfect car. And, the new one is even better: “The Volt is a major improvement, and with its added range and driving dynamics now fits even more lifestyles.” It must be really good. Contact us to discuss your EV strategy and your EV vehicle choices.


A dealership perspective: How we can sell millions of EVs

One of our favorite sources for “Insights” is Charged. They published an article that discusses EVs from a car dealer perspective. The highlight is the following: “…The impact of infrastructure on EV sales is enormous, and it’s important to highlight that fact whenever possible.”. Park to Spark™ agrees that ubiquitous EV charging is required for ubiquitous adoption of EVs. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you be part of the EV revolution.