The car that helped to create Park to Spark has died-at least in production. GM announced through multiple news outlets that the final Volt was built in February. We mourn the loss of a car that we love (we still run a Volt 2.Ohhh in our fleet).

The Volt, like all Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), is an enigma. The concept of a car that is electric almost all of the time, and then just a car is confusing. Green Car Reports explained this in their 2016 article (CLICK HERE) “Plug-in hybrid problem: buyers don’t understand them at all

Sure, there are dozens of other reasons to “pull the plug” on the Volt. It’s too expensive. It’s too small. It’s not a Tesla. It’s a Chevy. It’s electric. It’s not electric enough. It’s not an SUV. It looks too much like an EV. It doesn’t have a charging network. It takes too long to charge… Read the comments of any Volt article and all of these complaints FROM EV FANS will be revealed. You can only imagine what EV haters think.

Confusion, however, is the biggest cause of death for the Volt. Drivers are confused by the car itself. Drivers are confused by how we really drive cars (95% of trips are short enough for a Volt to drive on electric). Drivers are confused by the size of car we “need”. And, drivers are confused by the perceived importance of EV fast charging. Confusion killed the Volt.

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