We added a Honda Clarity PHEV to our “fleet” here at Park to Spark last November. It’s an amazing car that we believe could appeal to Non-EV-ers (99% of the USA). After all, it’s electric almost all of the time with it’s all electric range of 48 miles. And, it’s a comfortable family “car” when it’s out of juice. We own three PHEV’s and find the Clarity to be the best of our fleet. More range and comfort than the Fusion Energi. And, significantly more roomy than Volt 2.Ohhhh.

The Clarity is Edgy. We washed it by hand today for the first time (Pittsburgh winters get in the way of hand car washing). And, we were amazed by all of the edges. It’s as if the designers didn’t want a single flat piece of metal or plastic on the car. The Clarity has more nooks and crannies than a Thomas’ English Muffin. And, all of the edges make the car edgy.

Some won’t like the fact that it’s edgy. But, we love Clarity’s edginess in a world filled with sedans that all seem to look alike. And, we love it’s edginess in terms of being electric yet just a car when it can’t be.

Contact us at Park to Spark and we’ll work on an edgy strategy for your workplace EV charging.