Car Buying Tool

We EV proponents struggle at times to get the point across: Driving electric is better than not driving electric.

A new tool to help decide if a car with a plug is financially better has been created by Argone National Laboratory. CLICK HERE to try the tool.

The tool covers only select mid-west states for now. So, we pretended to be from Springfield, IL. Entering your miles per day and fuel costs kicks out a very detailed comparison of up to three vehicles. It even contemplates how many miles are not spent commuting.

Your results will vary (of course). But, it’s a great tool to try.

Adding workplace charging significantly increases the financial advantage of driving electric. Please contact us to help you with your EV charging strategy so your employees may enjoy these benefits as well.



Gung Ho and Tesla Model 3

A big deal was made of Tesla’s Model 3 weekly production hitting 5,000 cars at the end of June. Green Car Reports and many other media outlets announced the milestone.

It makes sense to us that the milestone is important for both Tesla and, perhaps, the future of vehicle electrification. We believe that Tesla’s performance will be viewed by many as a barometer of the entire EV industry’s success (or failure).

The push for 5,000 for Tesla reminds us of one of Micheal Keaton’s best, if not acclaimed, movies: “Gung Ho“. In the movie, Keaton’s character makes a deal with his car plant’s foreign owners that his team of American autoworkers can produce 15,000 cars in one month. If they make it, the autoworkers will get a raise. If not, then the ownership group will close the plant and leave town. Catch the ending of the movie below. It’s a bit of a long clip.The first 5 minutes are great.
Gung Ho was really about a 1980s paradigm shift in American car making. It seems we may be on the verge of another such event with EVs.

Please contact us at Park to Spark® so we can help your firm determine how to be a leader in today’s automotive paradigm shift.


Drive Change. Drive Electric.

A new collaborative campaign was recently launched which is designed to build awareness of EVs. The public/private partnership includes several northeastern USA states and multiple automobile manufactures. We applaud the effort of this group and look forward to hearing more from them.

Switch to electric without switching up your everyday life. As with any lifestyle change, your routines will adapt—but we’d venture to say it will be for the better. See how the performance, ease and comfort of electric cars can help you drive change.

Be sure to check out their web site at driveelectricus.com and enjoy this great source of information.

Then, reach out to Park to Spark® and we’ll help you with the details of a workplace charging strategy that optimizes EV use for your employees and guests.