Gas Butler Not Required

Fun video from Fleetcarma may help people understand what it’s like to drive an EV when you have the ability to charge at home.

An EV is even better when you also have access to plug it in at work. Please Contact Us at Park to Spark© to learn how we may help your firm with an EV Charging Strategy for your workplace.


Toyota Skeptical of Pure EV Mass Adoption Expectations

CNBC interviewed Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada recently (LINK HERE) and asked him for Toyota’s take on EVs.

“….(As) laws and regulations (that encourage the development of electric vehicles) come into effect in places like China and the U.S., car makers will have no choice but to roll out electric vehicles or risk going out of business,” he said. “Toyota is no exception, but we’re skeptical there would be a rapid shift to pure electric vehicles, given questions over user convenience.”

We agree with Toyota. Pure EVs are great for many drivers. And, we love them. But, mass electrification of automobiles will only result from improvement in what Mr. Uchiyamada calls “user convenience”. That is, people will choose their car based on the ability to drive it like, well, the car they drive now. Battery charging needs to be more like a gasoline filling station experience for user convenience to improve.

At Park to Spark©, we believe all electrification of transportation is great. But, the road to mass adoption of EVs must include the same (or better) “user convenience.” The best way to do that (for now) is an EV with on-board ICE for when waiting a long time to fill the battery isn’t practical.

Electric most of the time… Gas engine on-board when electric isn’t available. That is, at least in part, better “user convenience.”

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you implement a common sense workplace charging strategy to help whichever type of EV your employees or customers choose.


Picking on GM

Full disclosure: We drive a second generation Chevy Volt (Volt 2.Ohhh) and we loved our 2012 Volt for all 107,000 of its miles. And, my Dad drove a Buick for a million years. So, we don’t “hate” General Motors. The truth is, we give GM credit for bringing the Volt to market way back in 2010ish. And, for turning the Bolt into a reality in a pretty short time frame.

Green Car Reports has an article which calls out the shortcomings of the Bolt all electric GM car (CLICK HERE). The article is very fair. And, we agree with most of the assertions. In short: 1) No “fast” charging network; 2) Highly variable dealer experience; 3) Hatchback vs crossover.

“All of these hurdles can be overcome, but the experiences of Bolt EV owners attempting longer-distance travels suggest that the Bolt EV’s maker needs to figure out its response to very clear desire for a Tesla-like fast-charging network”

The Bolt is not perfect. But, man, it is a pretty great car that is highly acclaimed by car experts (Award, Award, Award, Award, Award,…). Yet, a read of the comments that follow the Green Car Reports article would leave you to believe that the Bolt is a Chevy Vega CLICK HERE ( if you don’t know what a Vega was).

Our take: The Bolt could work for the vast majority of drivers for work commutes and typical other trips. Really, 230+ miles is a lot to drive in one day for most of us.

Consider a Bolt IF you have: 1) A power outlet near where you park your car while you sleep; 2)A power outlet at your workplace; and 3)A 2nd car or other option for your rare long trips. And, of course, you don’t mind a smaller car.

Contact us after you get your Bolt. Park to Spark© will help you with implementing a workplace charging strategy that makes sense for you and your employer.