San Diego Utility Pushes EV Infrastructure

SDG&E is spending $7.5 million over the next 5 years to install 3,500 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across (their) service area in apartments, condos and businesses.

“San Diegans will not only save money on their gasoline bills, it will also help San Diego achieve its Climate Action Plan goals by cleaning up our air and reducing emission in the crucial transportation sector,” says San Diego Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer. “Power Your Drive demonstrates, once again, why the nation looks to San Diego for leadership in urban sustainability.”

Park to Spark™ seeks partnership opportunities with power generators and others to help reduce cost of EV charging spot installations. Please contact us to see how we can help you create an implement your Sustainable Mobility strategy.



Fast Charger at Harrisburg International Airport

Park to Spark™ celebrates all types of EV charging spots. This article details a new DC Fast Charge site at Harrisburg (PA) International Airport.

Park to Spark™ would recommend the additional installation of dozens of Level 1 Charging Spots at this airport. Yes, many EV drivers will visit the airport for just a short time-which is best served by DCFC (Fast chargers). However, hundreds of cars park overnight at the airport. And, inexpensive Level 1 EV Charge Spots can easily serve the needs of overnight parked cars-at a fraction of the cost of DCFC.

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