ChargePoint Model Described

CNBC hosted the CEO of ChargPoint recently. The interview chronicled CharePoints business model.

ChargePoint… helps existing businesses set up charging stations in their parking lots, “and then we make all those individual groups of chargers, that are owned by those individual businesses, look like one network to the driver to make it easy,” the CEO said.

Park to Spark™ considers ChargePoint’s offerings to be one of many excellent choices for Sustainable Mobility. Their products are appropriate for those that seek a networked solution with payment options. Please contact us to see how ChargePoint could be included in your Sustainable Mobility Strategy.


Apple EV Charging Stations

Reuters reports that Apple is looking into EV charging. Park to Spark™ welcomes Apple to the EV Infrastructure party. However, we caution Apple to avoid over-thinking EV charging. The article correctly sates:

The electric car industry has faced a chicken-and-egg paradox with the installation of charging stations. Property owners have been reluctant to install the stations before EVs hit the road en masse, and drivers are wary of buying EVs until charging stations are widely available.

We agree that this paradox is a challenge. We suggest that inexpensive EV charging strategies used in appropriate locations will solve this “paradox”. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you create and implement a Sustainable Mobility strategy that solves the chicken-and-egg paradox with more EV charging.


EV Charging is Easy

This video (CLICK HERE) shows much of what we believe here at Park to Spark™. In short, a simple standard 120 volt electric outlet at a workplace will make driving electric a true path to Sustainable Mobility.

Simple “Level 1” EV charging provides an inexpensive road to sustainability. Please contact us to discuss your EV charging strategy.