Kia and Amazon have created a partnership to sell and install EV Charging Equipment (EVSE’s) for the home. Go to the web site (CLICK HERE) and follow their three step process.

Courtesy Kia/Amazon

We recommend that you consider your EV driving lifestyle before investing $1,000 or more in a home Level 2 Charging system. It may not be worth the extra money just to charge to capacity in 3 hours if you are buying a PHEV that could charge to capacity in 9 hours on a regular 120 Volt outlet (Level 1 Charging) .

Do you consume the full 29 miles of range of the PHEV each day before you begin to recharge the battery? If not, then the 120 Volt outlet may be all you need.

The fully Battery Electric Kia Soul EV would require Level 2 charging for most drivers. This is because it does not have a gas engine in case the battery is emptied during driving. So, always be as full of battery power as possible. Spend the extra money for piece of mind.

Please contact us at Park to Spark so we can help with your EV fueling questions for the home. And, we’ll help your employer with similar questions for your workplace as well.