The Honda Clarity PHEV is here. By that we mean literally 2 miles from the Park to Spark HQ in western Pennsylvania. We have not seen it yet in person. But, it appears to be a great car that should appeal to people that wish to drive electric most of the time and then just drive the rest of the time.

The Clarity PHEV has 47 miles of EV range before being “just a car” that gets 42 MPG when using gas. Those that have access to a 120 volt power outlet at the place where they sleep will wake up with a full battery on any day they can charge for 12 hours. 90% of American trips in 2017 were less than 20 miles one way. So, most drivers (understatement?) would drive on 100% Electric on most days.

Please Contact us so we can help your firm with a workplace EV charging strategy to help your employees with their Clarity PHEV and other great cars with a plug.