We spend a lot of time in the “EV World” and often hear even EV advocates highlighting flaws of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). Typical complaints:

  • They only go a few miles on electric (No Range)
  • They use too much gasoline (Bad for the environment)
  • They charge too slowly
  • They are not a real EV

The detractors are correct. All of those statements are true-at least to an extent.

But, what about the upside?

PHEV’s are Electric Most of the Time. And, A PHEV is JUST A CAR When Not Electric.

The U.S. Department of Energy web site FuelEconomy.gov has a great calculator to help drivers estimate how much fuel a PHEV will consume. The detailed calculator (CLICK HERE) allows users to input weekly driving habits and even how many long trips the user will make in a year’s time. The calculator then provides expected annual cost for operating that PHEV model. It even estimates how many trips will be made to the gas station.

The Park to SparkĀ® Volt 2.Ohhh will only go to the gas station 4 times in a year since we have home and workplace charging. And, we’ll spend about $587 to fuel the car.

The average driver that travels our 14,112 miles in a 25 MPG car would buy 564.48 gallons of gasoline. At $2.35 per gallon, they would spend $1,326. So, Volt 2.Ohhh saves us about $739 per year compared to an average car. And, avoids about 530 gallons of gasoline consumption.

So, a PHEV is pretty good.

Contact Us to learn more about PHEVs or BEVs or even cost calculators. Then, we’ll help you with implementing your workplace charging strategy to make the most of your new car.