Our 2012 Volt was amazing. Over 106,000 miles in 5 years. We drove it like it was “just a car”. But, it was so much more. We thought we would keep it for another year or two. It was comfortable, in great shape, and still performed magnificently.And then… We had the “old” Volt at our Chevy dealer for a rare visit to the mechanic. We also had another car to trade in (long story). For fun, we (okay, my wife) decided it was time to test drive Volt 2.OHHHH.

Well, we now own a new 2017 Volt.

And, it appears to be even more amazing than our “old” Volt. The added range already came in handy when we drove 53 miles (the exact EPA EV range estimate) on a round-trip to a wedding over the first weekend. All electric. But, we knew we had the gasoline engine just in case. It really is a near perfect blend of almost-always-electric and just a car.

Please contact us to learn more about our Volt 2.OHHHH experience. We’ll be happy to help you understand how workplace charging can allow you to drive a car like ours and use gasoline only when you need it.