Source: Coming to a corner near you. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Quartz reports that we now have 16,000 public EV charging spots with 43,000 “plugs” in the USA (CLICK HERE). That’s a small number of locations when compared to the 112,000 public gas stations (each with many pumps/hoses). But, it is great progress since virtually all of the public charging spots have been installed since 2009.

We believe the best point in the article is:

“The number of public EV charging stations in the US may not outnumber fossil fuel outlets for decades, mostly because they will be unnecessary. ‘Refilling’ will be a chore only for EV owners without garages or for those making long distance drives along highways. The future of the fill-up is probably plugging in at home or work.”

Home and workplace charging are two of the keys to mass EV adoption. Please contact us at Park to SparkĀ® so that we may help you with your workplace EV charging strategy.