Green Car Reports had a great article earlier this week describing the confusion surrounding Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). Are they electric? Are they a hybrid (think Prius)? Why only short EV range? People are befuddled.

The truth is that PHEVs are the answer to making EVs mainstream.

PHEVs solve the range anxiety problem by driving like any car when the plug-in battery is empty.

…Four out of every five U.S. cars travel less than 40 miles a day, so you could run a Volt  (PHEV) on electricity alone for the vast majority of most drivers’ trips—without a shred of range anxiety.

After all, we seem to want our EVs to drive like our regular gas guzzlers. Go 500 miles between 10 minute fill-ups at ubiquitous filling stations. That’s what PHEVs do when they aren’t being awesome Electric Cars. And, they are awesome electric cars most of the time.

At Park to Spark™, we love every EV and every kind of charging. But, we also believe that low cost workplace EV charging combined with PHEVs (that can be driven anywhere with no anxiety) represents the best strategy.

Please contact us so we can help clarify your EV charging and EV buying strategy.

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